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Successful Illinois Criminal Defense Cases

The Illinois criminal attorneys at Ramsell & Associates, LLC, have successfully handled more than 12,000 Illinois misdemeanor and Illinois felony cases since 1986. Below are highlights from just a few of their many successful criminal defense cases.

Some of Ramsell & Associates, LLC's defense work has been featured on ABC's "20/20," the "Oprah Winfrey Show," and Discovery Channel's "Justice Files," among others.

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Illinois Unlawful Possession Of A Controlled Substance : The client was found not guilty of possessing the 1/4 gram of cocaine found in his vehicle when his Ramsell & Associates, LLC, showed that the state had failed to prove he knew it was inside his vehicle.

Illinois Aggravated Battery : The client was found not guilty of aggravated battery against a police officer. The state was seeking 18 months of imprisonment, which the client avoided.

Illinois Reckless Homicide : The client was charged with reckless homicide, with a blood alcohol content of .33. His Ramsell & Associates, LLC, attorney successfully challenged the blood test and the client received probation with no jail time.

Illinois Drug Delivery : The client was facing 9 to 40 years of prison time on charges of drug delivery when his Ramsell & Associates, LLC, Illinois drug crimes attorney got the charges dismissed. The police lacked probable cause to arrest during their undercover surveillance purchase. The client's car was also returned.

Illinois Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse : A trial court dismissed charges against the client in the middle of jury trial after his Ramsell & Associates, LLC, criminal attorney cross examined the victim's witnesses.

Illinois Robbery : The client was found not guilty in a jury trial when his Ramsell & Associates, LLC, criminal lawyer demonstrated that the photo lineup was unduly suggestive.

Illinois Burglary : The Ramsell & Associates, LLC, burglary attorney successfully negotiated during pretrial motions to have the client's burglary charge dismissed.

Illinois Aggravated Arson : The Ramsell & Associates, LLC arson attorney successfully argued that the evidence against the client was insufficient to prove that he had committed arson. The charges were dismissed.

Illinois Probation : Many Ramsell & Associates, LLC, clients have received a special probation that allows the case to be dismissed upon successful completion of probation.

Illinois Reductions To Misdemeanors And Lesser Offenses : Many times, clients of Ramsell & Associates, LLC, are eligible to have their charges reduced to avoid becoming convicted felons or serving time in Illinois prisons.

Every case will vary based upon the facts and the law.
Past outcomes are not necessarily reflective a future cases or outcomes.

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